Lyrical Elixirs (White)

by Apollo Piero

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releases 01 August 2015



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Apollo Piero Durham, North Carolina

Apollo is a student of hip-hop driven by creating honest, introspective and socially conscious lyrics that explore the multiple dimensions of his life experiences.

A Tar-heel born and bred, Apollo is much more than a Hip Hop artist. He mentors inner city youth, teaches HS math, coaches Varsity Bball, and serves his church as a youth pastor. He has dreams to build a revolutionary school.
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Track Name: I Can Make It
Verse 1 (Apollo)
Been stripped down and naked, friend-ships down they flakin'
They keep trying to break it but my spirit they can't take it
So, no sleeping in, I'm peeking in, I'm seeing them
Doing all this cool stuff, all these tours - How am I? Ever gonna be them?
No I mean where they are, no I mean like a star
No I mean going far, but I feel subpar, doubt creeping in
How am I ever gonna do that, how am I ever gonna do that?
Apollo, you're just not ever gonna be good enough would you please stop doing that
My confidence is foolish, my own thoughts are Judas
My own brain can bring me down, don't ever allow intruders
So even though I'm new-ish, and they skeptical of new-ish
I don't know what I'm doing but somehow I feel I can do it

I'm just feelin' I can make it, (feelin' I can make it)
I'm just feelin' I can make it, (feelin' I can make it)
I'm just feelin' I can make it, (feelin' I can make it)
I'm just feel in, I'm just feel in', I'm just feel in' I can make it
I'm just ah ah ah, (feelin' I can make it)
I'm just ah ah ah, (feelin' I can make it)
I'm just ah ah ah, (feelin' I can make it)
I'm just feel in, I'm just feel in', I'm just feel in' I can make it

Verse 2 (Apollo)
Two pennies in my pocket, every verse I got they mock it
Picked last on the blacktop, that white boy need to stop it
Til I came through and rocked it, looking back they nowhere now
One of the few who got out, so tell your dude, I got it
I'm just riding around my city, my neighborhood’s been looking bad
I ain't trying to be another would'a could'a should'a had
I grew up in a culture of cocaine addictions
Everybody had vision, but nobody ever really did it
I'm just wondering what I was given, and what the hell were they missing
You can look in my eyes dogg, all you see is persistence
All I see is low moments, but I never run from it, I own it
I don't know where I'm going, but I do know that I'm growing


Verse 3 (Apollo)
I’m stepping out in faith, that water'll hold my weight
This world told me I'm nothing, but I believe that I'm great
I believe in my self, I believe I can fly
My office covered in sticky notes, all they say is - just try
Try, try, try, try
And don't you ever give it up
Just dig a little deeper, don't you ever give it up
Every obstacle I face, another opportunity
And I've been at it so long I damn near got immunity
So I'ma fight tooth and nail, for my plight, this dude prevails
Even if I can't see it, I got to feel it like I'm using braille
Tell me where I'm going, I promise I'll exceed it
I don't know who I’m leading but somehow I believe it

Track Name: The Best Musician ft. WhizDumb
Intro – Justin Shaw
One mans trash, another man’s treasure
One feels pain, another feels pleasure
If it glitters, it ain't always gold
So if it's rusty, it ain't always old

Hook – Justin Shaw (Whizdumb)
And the best musicians I ever heard
(Was a no name soul violinist out in Venice)
And the best musicians I ever heard
(Was when I heard bum play New York city subway)
And the best musicians I ever heard
(Was a dirty homeless saxophonist)
And the best musicians I ever heard
(Was a voice from above in a metro-hub)

Verse 1 - Apollo
I'm underground, smelling grime
Wendy's cup, begging for a dime
Tattered clothes, he just sat alone, never mattered, never known
Yo, leave that cat alone, leave that cat alone
In our culture of plastic drones
Had me scattered in the zone hearing heaven from his saxophone
We don't stop to smell the roses
Coming from the concrete, obsolete flow is
The most e-volved, but I don't even pause
I just train my craft summer winter spring fall
So I don't really care if I'm famous at all
Sonny Liston when I'm spittin’, lyrically I got paws
I am Floyd Mayweather, in nice may weather
Whether they may ever, get it, I'll never
Ever, ever, sever my cleverness
I can spit better than they may ever
Muhammed Ali with my letters
In a California bay, floating flyer than a feather
On the geese out in Asia, over Himalayas
7th round pick, hall of fame player
A diamond in a rough, my timing has been tough
But I'll be damned if I'm ever giving up
Uh, I guess I'm rolling with the punches
Bob and weave when I breathe, I believe in my clutches
This for the needle in the haystack
Keep doing your thing, don't ever fade back
This for the needle in the haystack
Keep doing your thing, don't ever fade back

Hook – Justin Shaw (Apollo)

Verse 2 - WhizDumb
When time turned into a handgun and held life for ransom
Chance became a phantom and eventually vanished
Enchanted bystanders examine a man's talent
Which handles a saxophone like a cannon that keeps blastin’
Roaming the streets with no hopes or dreams
Notes float soulfully across the coastal breeze
I owe ‘em a quick visit it's been forever ago
I met the dopest musician that'll never be known
Playing music like his soul was at the end of its road
I heard a message that day and it's meant to be told
The time is now or never but its never too late
Do whatever you can to get ahead of the race
Keep ya head in a place that is healthy and pure
And if you're ever unsure let your heart be the cure
Bullshit's for the birds y'all can have the manure
Two hints: do you and then go on tour
I wanna test the limits and see what might exist
I feel fresh when I'm in the mix spittin’ like this
Givin’ existence a chance to live on a different tip
Legitimate shit that’s all that it is
It's for the needle in the haystack
Keep doing your thing don't ever fade back
It's for the needle in the haystack
Keep doing your thing don't ever fade back

Hook - Justin Shaw (Apollo & Whizdumb)
Track Name: 88 Bars
Verse 1 - Apollo
Fresh off an L steak
Been 4 years since Apollo dropped an LP
I forgot they felt me, life gave me hell
But I’m coming at your feet like Nightmare on Elm Street
On these beats, I am Freddy with machetes
I am ready for whatever God’s got right ahead of me
Mentally I’m healthy, spiritually I’m wealthy
Can you feel the hunger from the rumblings in my belly?
Meet me at the Delphi, please bring Daphne
I want to see her watch somebody try to out rap me
Try to out rap me, try to out rap me
I want to see her watch somebody try to out rap me

Verse 2 - Apollo
I got a spirit of da Vinci in the 21st century
Since we, are killing curiosity, essentially
I would have eventually been in the penitentiary
If I didn’t have my family who always did their best for me
Especially, all those times
Isolation in my mind, intervention was divine
Had me feeling so inclined to feel invincible
Deep rooted in my principals, potentially

Verse 3 – Apollo
‘Cause see my principals had me in detention
Cause they ain’t never seen that type of intuition mentally
So I’m getting intimate with Emily and Emory
Trying to compensate for no connection intellectually
Do you remember me?
I used to be that wack lil dude in the studio, now everybody mention me
Do you follow that?
All I hear round the city is “Apollo’s back”
Do you follow that?
Now all I hear round the city is “Apollo’s back”
With a Spirit of da Vinci
So many dimensions, ain’t nobody out there with me

Verse 4 – Apollo
I got a lot to learn, but I got a lot to spit
I’m nocturnal, venomous like a moccasin
Viper, with my vision I could snipe ya
Write a verse that could make you lose your mind, I’ll have it skype ya
I might just, be the illest dude you ever heard on the mic cause
I’m bout to rip every cypher
With some sh!t that’ll light ya life up that’s right I’m feelin’ it
Shout out to the old school, this wack rap, I’m killin’ it

Verse 5 - Apollo
I’ll shoot phonetics through ya jeep
I’m a chemist, mixing up elixirs in the street
Chillin’ out in Cali, boardwalk, Venice Beach
Ya’ll are Mr. Wilson, I'm a menace to the beat
See my pen is like a dentist to your teeth
Rearrange your whole grin, it turn sour like sweet
I would be a tenant of tent on the street
'Fore I ever lack premise in the sentence that I speak
So be attentive for a minute could you please
See my flow is like the feet of Emmitt Smith on a sweep
Or Pete Sampras in his peak playing tennis
See I’m in it going deep Drew Bennett back in Tennessee

Verse 6 – Apollo
I’m done with that rhyme
I wear my watch behind my back cause I’m ahead of my time
I’m very like Vinaterri when I kick a flow
Know that I could flow forever, if you’re not my level
Then, I’m sorry minus G-Y, plus L
Right behind the O, there’s no G, oh well
You need a synonym to put in place of sorry
To make Apollo go and play ‘em like Atari
They need rewind and explain when they hear my track
Go tell Apple, they could make an app for that
Who want to bet I’ll make an impact that’ll last
If you out in Vegas playing roulette put a stack on that
I’m coming back smarter
Coming back stronger, coming back harder
Now I know God was working in my heart
In my darkest moments, got a spark man I’m focused
I’m penning sh!t so eloquent
Developing some gems and a magnum opus
They used to say, “You ain’t relevant you see”
Now I’m all up in the middle like L-M-N-O-P
Like what the hell you see, you ain’t messin’ with me
Hell if I ain’t in my element, why they so delicate?
Lyrical delegate, focusing on selling sh!t
Is like spittin’ game to a chick that’s celibate
Even if she’s hella hot
But maybe I could sell a bit
And I’ll respect when you tell me stop
But I’ma try for the hell of it
Never to a detriment, just to be relevant
I know, I know, I’m so strange dude Bellatrix
Big like an elephant, flow so elegant
Soul’s so infused in my words like Ella Fitz
Gerald, they heralding my lyrical apparel
I’m higher than Marilyn, heroine and Errol Flynn
Add Piero to the name
Spirit of da Vinci, genius in my veins
I’m back