The Architect

by Apollo Piero

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The Architect was officially released in January of 2009 at a sold-out concert at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC. This album captures the bulk of my college experience and in essence, my experience trying to build and establish my identity as a man. Along that journey, I come to build a relationship with God, who I realize as the ultimate architect of my life. In a nutshell, the album’s title and thematic concepts come from this idea: My life is a building; God is the builder.


released January 24, 2009

The entire album was produced and mixed by Taylor ‘Proper-T’ Johnson and was mastered at Bluefield Studio. The album features lyrical and vocal collaboration from Luc Dallaire, Kane ‘Novakane’ Smego, Donovan ‘D-LIV(E)’ Livingston, MJ Santos, Gene Hoskins, Tyrone ‘Quills’ Hudson, Bobbi Ruffin, and Brian Allison.



all rights reserved


Apollo Piero Durham, North Carolina

Apollo is a student of hip-hop driven by creating honest, introspective and socially conscious lyrics that explore the multiple dimensions of his life experiences.

A Tar-heel born and bred, Apollo is much more than a Hip Hop artist. He mentors inner city youth, teaches HS math, coaches Varsity Bball, and serves his church as a youth pastor. He has dreams to build a revolutionary school.
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Track Name: Intro
I’m Frank Lloyd Wright when I write
Or Wilbur and Orville Wright taking flight
Like, I’ma craft words with the mic
Or rather, there’s an architect in my life
Right, my life is a building, God is the builder
He said bring ‘em inside so they could feel ya
So here we are, my complex complex
There’s no contest for me upon my conquest
I confess my words are just conscious
Bricks in the mix of dilapidated slums
Stacked to make one hell of a house
So it ain’t hard to tell what the hell I’m about
I’m bout to push up my vocab to stretch ya mind
So pump up the volume and feel my rhymes
I never pushed weight or juiced up for the glamour
So you know my songs built like vander
Built like lanterns lead the way up through the hammers
And the nails on the floor, see my life in a manner
That lies in the cement a shade of disagreement
In a vehement fashion I’ma form a faction
I’m tired of this fiction, I’ma use my diction
To depict my every shingle in these singles, listen
Rap’s been built upon addictions
Of crack-cocaine and drug dealing inhibitions
But we’re trapped in the trap and all those afflictions
So the tenants of this industry needs to face eviction
Step into my vision step in my corridor
And feel my metaphors through the cracks in my floorboard
Take my doors and you take my life, so
Help me God, ‘fore they take my mic, but
Every line of my life is precise like
Anything that come it’s my plan, my plight like
Right where the soul sits, the sculpting is firm, so
Circa summer solstice my walls won’t burn
Hella tools at my side to abide my blueprint
In due time, I’ma know what you meant
That you knew I was suppose to write, cause
Every time I that I write, I could touch a life
Commercial bridge, I don’t need to cross it
Take the last twelve and you’ll see its acrostic

I put the cross in my heart
Welcome to The Architect, the tour will now start
Track Name: Brainstorm
Verse 1 - Apollo
Now what you know about a downpour of diction
Ignition of cerebellum friction
4 AM and a notebook addiction
Mr. Weather Man, we don’t need no prediction
It’s about to be a storm
When it form wrecking havoc on the norm
When the air get right and the thoughts condense
And it makes sense everybody’s getting drenched
Then I flow with the fluidest
Overlook me, you shouldn’t be doing this
I don’t make it rain, I make tsunamis
I don’t write words, I write origami
With electric linguists
I’ma fly, no words ever wingless
I’m a hawk with my talk
I’m an eagle with a piece of, pterodactyl with a pack of

Hook x 2
Rain, sleet, hail, snow
Spark, pour, feel, flow
Muse, vision, think, blow
Every time I brainstorm, better get a poncho

Verse 2 - Apollo
So let it drizzle every time that I scribble
And let it pour every time I need more
Overcast in my cranium, I need to write soon
And with the right tune I could make it typhoon
Look into my eye
There’s nobody on the planet getting by
Tell ‘em I , never will lapse
As I blast syntax from a synapse
As I’m accumulating nouns
Well endowed with a cumulus cloud
To precipitate puns
And funnel all my thoughts spittin’ twisters with my tongue
They don’t do it like I do
Neuron recital, brain waves tidal
Trying to sort through the rain
Barracudas in my veins and Bermuda in my brain

Hook x2
Track Name: Psychedelic Colors
Hook (Luc Dallaire + [Apollo])
I’m getting high, getting high
[When I got to clear mind]
I’m getting high, getting high
[Every time I write a line]
Getting high getting high
[Now it slur my talk]
I’m getting high, getting high
[Chalk drawing in the sidewalk]
Just ride
Now baby can you just ride
Now baby can you just ride
With me, get high me
Put the windows down and let’s fly

Verse 1 - Apollo
I need to do a few lines
Of psychedelic colors in the circus of my mind
I need to rhyme and unwind
With a metaphor I aint never met before
I need more, inject my brain
With acrobatic adjectives and accept my aim
I aint trying to write a song that I’m forced to spit
Hip Hop’s in a box, but I aint no contortionist
I never take it in vein
Put a lighter to the paper to rekindle the flame
That will never relinquish, never extinguish,
I’m rubbing words together, pyromaniac of English
And then I spark a few lines
And my mind flips like sodium in July
July’s in the summer, and sodium is salt
So my mind’s doing flips like a summersault


Verse 2 - Apollo
I got a fetish for phonetics, top down in the coup
And I could hula-hoop loops every time I’m in the booth
So let me get juiced off the crowd, I’ma fly
But could somebody put they hands in the sky
And the paranoia builds
And anxiety feels
Sweat dripping, cold chills
But adrenaline is real
Cause I feel like I’m floating, overdosing on hope
Every time that I quote something dope
And I try to stay clean every time I’m on the scene
But I’m standing in a light that’s a slight shade of green
I’m a fiend, for the rush of the lights
And the lust of the flight man I must have a mic
If it’s just for the night, I don’t really care
We getting high now get your hands in the air

Track Name: Cruisin
Everybody just cruise with me
Success in the game is nothing new to me
When the music takes hold
We just cruisin’ along

Verse 1 (NovaKane)
Let me speak to you, let me vibe let me ride
Hit the track and I’ma ride, spoken word is my vehicle
Ha, I came to do what I planned to do
The transmission of this man’s mission will be manual
Man listen, see I’m clutch like a stick shift
But the flow is automatic when I’m spittin’
All the static that I’m hearing tuning out the interference
But my inner fear is they’re gon kill my Guinevere
This music is my queen, my partner in crime
She riding shotgun right beside me
Breaking road blocks when we’re flying
See the game is like the law, try to make you conform
Camera flashes look like lightning but you got to fight the storm
Fight the norm, and break through any obstacle they’re throwing
Corporations are the cops and they don’t wanna put us on
And they might come equipped with night sticks and spike sticks
But f*** the flashing lights man I got poetic license and I’m gone

Verse 2 (Apollo)
And I’m just cruisin’ through life on the boulevard
Pull up hard at the bar trying to pull a broad
I’m just looking for a track I could pull apart
And elevate somebody mind like a pull up bar
Pulling par is afar from my wishes
So I’ma spit vicious till my flow is viscous
Dismiss me, a misfit on an isthmus
My heart‘s in heaven, know that life is my mistress
And every litmus is fitness
God is my witness, never forget this
Cruise through courses in gorgeous
Melodic like Porsches, I’m painting portraits
Will they support this, are they prepared?
Used to put me in the trash now they put me on the air
Whoever thought this, I know my friends never did
But my father always told me keep writing, so I did


Verse 3 (D-LIV(E))
My crews like a boat on the sea
My buoys, they hope we drown but they know we’re in sync
Thinking on a higher level than most the emcees
Who flow weak, like a moat or a creek, see I speak
Deeper than the average rapper, splashing
In my puddles of thoughts, imagine
The rain and cash and fashion, fame and allure
You gotta keep ‘em at bay before I bring you ashore
Sure, if you’re on top you know people try to stop you
Watch you, even your close peers will try to dock you
Props to all the haters, this is why I cruise
On my wave of success cause getting by won’t do
For all of ya’ll who couldn’t hang and tried to tie my noose
For all you washed up rappers in the tide like shoes
I’m just a young dude who couldn’t hold his tongue
Whose sole purpose was to surf this one, hang ten

Verse 4 (Apollo)
I’m just cruising through life on the avenue
An afternoon with a tune and a pad or 2
Trying to prove to every pessimist attitude
That I could fly above the world like Aladdin do
A few scattered views that’ll fuse
With music in my ear, tell the pen to persevere
Whoever tend to hear, they never gon shift me
Cause I’m trying to get big like the shift key
So I’ma cruise through the cul-de-sac
Hoping that life and death never overlap
To ever teacher that I had who tried to hold me back
Strip me of my intuition, you were overmatched
So as I keep on rhyming
Put the world in my rearview I keep on riding
I’m flying so sometimes I skid
But my mother always told me stay focused, so I did

Track Name: Spittin' Rhymes
Everybody hoopin’ it’s the middle of the summer
Chicken on the grill, grab a plate and gon come up
Grab a couple freezies from the lady on the corner
Invite a hundred chicks tell ya girl she’ll wanna

Cause everybody beating on the table spitting rhymes
Everybody beating on the table spittin’ rhymes
Everybody beating on the table spittin’ rhymes
Everybody, everybody spittin’ rhymes

Verse 1
I went from trying to get a hit, to rap’s bambino
I spiced up the flow, spittin’ jalapeños
Ugh, and then I’m hungry like Pacino
I ball like Kareem and Hakeem, I got a dream yo
Yo, and I ain’t Quentin Tarantino
No bloody rap drama, no shooting up casinos
No, I ain’t rappin’ bout kilos
I don’t leave you with no companion of Lilo
No, I’m just chewing maraschinos
With a Pilipino chillin’ out in Reno
Cause the game’s got cerebral
Problems and my words therapeutic like chemo
I got that mean flow acidic like amino
An anabolic flow, know I’m building up the team yo
I go hard, I’m Petrino, Marino
I spit till these labels find me like Nemo
D.C. birthed like emo
This is my building, they a gazebo
Post chorus, they nothing like neutrinos
And I’m a tyrannosaurus, they Dino


Verse 2
Ay can I kick it to the crowd for a minute?
And make they face sour like they just ate a lemon
Uh, I got lemon in the water that I’m sippin’
And I spittin’ so hard like Monte Kiffin
But they don’t see the difference
They just see flow, they don’t see my inference
Cause I’m giving ‘em lines they need three times
Dudes tryin’ to catch it like can you press rewind?
Cause he rhyme with the best Muhammed
Ali rapaholic, I’m in tune with this knowledge
I abolish all these cats acting brolic
I’ma Dracula rapper and they don’t got garlic
So raw its, its proof
Killing tracks in the booth call me Rae Carruth
I am the truth, now let get up in my niche world
I got sweeter 16’s than a rich girl
But this verse is 20
So my flow leave you with a bad tummy
Like who you know leave ‘em like damn you a leader
And my rhymes are tight like a brand new beater


Verse 3
Can I lace this beat if I don’t got a shoe on?
But I’ma beast, I’ma get my zoo on
And I’m fly, they tryin’ to get they shoo on
I spit lightning; can I get my Zeus on?
I’m a fighter, I get my Ron Zook on
If it’s impossible, I get my Tom Cruise on
Till they say, they need to put you on
Right now, like reverse w-on
Uh, that’s hot and they lukewarm
I don’t need bread but I’d take a few croutons
To be fresh with a Bush looking suit on
To go out and get my bush looking suit on
They don’t get it, I gotta move on
A chick named Ally here, can I get my oop on
In a Yukon maybe with the roof gone
But damn, I got a wagon with the roof on
But you could eat free, I got a coupon
And you could bring your friends, they could get they Sheryl Swoops on
Uh and I ain’t talking bout they hoop on
Ponder that, I just got my smooth on
Track Name: Can I Take U Home?
Verse 1 (Apollo + [Luc Dallaire])
Dress red velvet in the club
Long gold hair belvedere in the cup
She twirls round the floor so lovely
And I just watch and wonder would she love me
But she loves him and he don’t love her
He ain’t in it for the love, he wanna be her lover
With a lover on the side, pimpin’ that white girl
But could you take my hand, I could make you feel right girl
But, she got it bad for his tab
Wanna cruise through the town in a drop top jag
Put the whole mall in Dooney Burke bag
But, I could give you something that you never had
So, [let me get one night] Cinderella
Just pen in ya tele wit the pen I’m Teller
A magician wit the flow D. Blaine acapella
I’ma beast wit a beat I’m just looking for a Bella

Hook x2
I wonder could I take ya home
To my home
You can feel me on this microphone
When you're alone
So I wonder could I take ya home

Verse 2
Tell me if I can, take ya hand, if I ain’t the man
And my pockets ain’t packed wit a hundred grand
And I didn’t skip the whole line
And everybody in this club didn’t know my rhymes
Or, or my name, if I was just plain
If rap is my vessel, would you board my plane?
If it don’t fly and we ain’t fly
And all I got'll make you feel it inside
If I don’t stay inside the confines of rap lines
Will she take the time just to grasp mine?
If I never sell out
If I ain’t your type, if my image ain’t right
If I don’t have a dance, could I dance on a date
If I never moved weight, but my words have weight
If I could be great off the truth boo
Then we can make reservations in a booth for two

Hook x2

Verse 3
I put my heart in this text, but you say unless
I ain’t got soul we ain’t gon mesh
But I will not promote no violence
To get you in a room where it’s silent
No I want you, but that ain’t what I need
I just need Jimmy Buffet and a bucket and a breeze
And I could write a verse that could give you the willies
So call Oscar and Espy and tell ’em that you feel me
Or feel my art
Your boyfriend’s just sitting in the dark
With no spark, no creativity
The same old stuff, “I’m the man” and negativity
So get out of captivity
And find a good man, they deserve activity
It’s bigger than me, right now, or my bed
Cause I’ve heard rumors that they want you dead
Cause you reject the deserving
But I don’t believe in deserting
Cause you and him ain’t workin’
And you got to see me lurkin’
So take my hands through the flames
And you never told me your name
And she say her name’s Tammy
Or did she say grammy??
Track Name: Enough
Verse 1
You see it all starts with domestic issues
Alcohol scented screams, balled up tissues
In the corner where she is popping pills and it hits you
Your laying in the bed crying daddy I miss you
But he don’t miss him, he just miss a father figure
That guidance in his life, his judgment’s disfigured
So he figures, he’s got to be a man on his own
But the pain is getting bigger and he hates it at his home
He’s all alone, and all the other kids pick on him
Cause he’s a little different and his girl got sick of him
So he was flicking ’em off like I don’t need nobody
But he ain’t have no friends, he needed anybody
Then cool Ty in a Benz drove by
And said throw me 5, I could really get you high
And he replied, man I don’t usually do drugs
But this life is tough, so fuck, I done had enough

Hook x2
I’m sick and tired of the same old stuff
Fussin’ and the fightin’ and it gets so rough
Every other day another stress another test
I’m just an adolescent
And I done had enough

Verse 2
So he goes to school to try to learn something new
And maybe take his mind off of what he’s going through
Feels he’s due for a future, he’s hungry for some knowledge
Plus he knows that his mom can’t afford for him in college
So he’s gotta get a scholarship, Misses Teacher can you
Show me why that is and maybe gimmie an example?
I ain’t trying to ramble, please I just don’t get it
And she ain’t have no patience, so she was like forget it
Boy I teach it one way, learn or you won’t pass
And he just couldn’t grasp, pink slips, behavior class
So he slacks, falls behind like I don’t give a fuck
I won’t ever make it, I just ain’t smart enough
Thus re-enter Ty, who had the same feeling
So they went to the park and made money through the ceiling
Doing dealing, and said school ain’t for us
This place is just a waste of time, and I done had enough

Hook x2

Verse 3
Dropping out made his mother mad, so she kicked him out
And he was like whatever, I got freedom now
Plus all we did was argue till I, wanted to hit you
And you was at the bar too much for me to miss you
Plus I got a place wit Ty, cause I’ve been down to ride
I made 1145 and some shoes that are fly
And he was fly, till one day a drive by
Bullet hit Ty up in the eye and he died
And he cried, man I can’t be taking mo’ pain
And started sniffing propane, and snorting cocaine
And X was the best but he really needed rest
He hadn’t slept in days out scrounging for some meth
But drugs couldn’t take him high enough to ease the pain
His only friend was slain, his mother was insane
So he cut up all his veins, went to the bridge after dusk
And wit his eyes all puffed, he jumped, I done had enough

Approximately 11 young people between the ages of 15-24 die every day from suicide
And close to 20% of all high school students have seriously contemplated suicide
Reach out and touch somebody
Track Name: This Life is Crazy
Verse 1
I’m flippin’ through my middle school yearbook
Remember how it was back then, here, look
Remember back to those days
When all we used to do was play ball or play spades
Or holla at a babe, or spit a couple bars
But a lot of those friends are behind bars
Cause of dreams deferred, a voice never heard
Lack of parents in a sense and decaying innocence
Since they’re all chasing the cool
And the one-way system got ’em dropping out of school
Cause the teachers couldn’t reach ‘em so, so just delete ’em
And the problems in the class’ll get depleted
But what about them and the problems they adopted
Or how deep down they always wanted to be doctors
That could’ve got A’s, but got F’s
So now they get O’s wit a bulletproof vest
And invest, in the trafficking from Maryland
That got their brains fried now their minds like a terrapin
Slow and their lives keep barrelin’
Too many of them friends on coke and on heroin it’s crazy

Hook (MJ Santos +[Apollo])
Looking to the sky saying God please save me
I don’t know why but this life is crazy
Every other day any thing phase me
I don’t know why but this life is crazy
[This life is] crazy [this life is] crazy
[This life is, this life is, this life is] crazy
[This life is] crazy [this life is] crazy
[This life is, this life is, this life is] crazy

Verse 2
Remember love letters in the lockers, butterflies got ya
Mind in a trance trying ask her to the dance
But time advanced, lust prevailed
And somewhere along the lines females became retail
Status symbols on the arm of the cool
Now she’s stripping, sipping liquor, lick her girl, she’s a jewel
But look in her eyes, her life is a mess
Nobody cared about her mind, they only cared about her breasts
And I just met this chick in the club
But, come to find out she’s fifteen and on drugs
And I just couldn’t fathom how it was
When her friend says guys like girls that give it up
So she’s a slut for attention
But we can only hope for divine intervention
Cause her friend grew boobs first
So, naturally she got used first
By random dudes that met by the sea
Up in an SUV getting STDs
And the rest you see, is a life down hill
Couple drug rehabs but she’ll do it till she killed
And she did


Verse 3
Growing up I seen death on the news, and that just ain’t cool
But who would’ve thought that it would ever come true
For people I knew, of childhood portraits
Now they’re in the courtyard morgue with rigor mortis
It happens so fast and incautious
Now I’m thinking bout the future getting nauseous
Cause every morning we would watch power rangers
Now we all mourning at powerful arrangements
How is life arranged, how is this real?
I just seen him yesterday where is he for real?
We used to chill like tomorrow ain’t a favor
I mean last time I seen ’em, said “Ill see u later”
But I’m talking about a dude that I knew for a decade
And I’m only 2 of them old, I’m feelin’ betrayed
By fate, God how could you take
Somebody so young, somebody so great
We used to play sand box now were putting boxes in the sand
And God I don’t understand
Why I’m here and they’re not, I’m hearing they got
A better place to live but I wanna live with ‘em, this is crazy


I want give a special acknowledgement to those that we’ve lost
Let us pray for their families and friends
Rest in peace Jordan Pyecha, Rest in peace Ashley Champion, Rest in peace Hunter Montahari, Rest in peace Justin Lee Toliver, Rest in peace Eve Marie Carson, Rest in peace Annie McCleod,
And God willing this list won’t get any longer, though I fear it shall
But let us give thanks for each new day we receive in this crazy life
Track Name: American Dreamin
Intro (Barack Obama)
I stand here knowing that my story is part of the larger American story
That I owe a debt to all of those who came before me
And that in no other country on earth
Is my story even possible

Verse 1
In the land of the free
Where you could be whatever you wan be
Where ever you came from, whoever you are
Put ya hands up and reach for the stars
But were far from the ideals, I feel
I’ma need to be real, cause life’s ill
And the dream is real,
But the dream’s infected, greed’s infested
In materials things so we fling material
‘Till every body is fling material
‘Till life ain’t ethereal
‘Till happiness gets soggy like cereal
But here we go, on the quest for imperial
Material I need to succeed before my burial
But I don’t see no picket fence, I see ignorance
I don’t see no inner sense, I see indolence
Get rich quick like I’ma get this money
I’ma get this money, baby I’ma get this money
And everything’s fun and everything’s sunny
Till two teenagers kill a girl for money

The game ain’t easy
Trying to be seen in a world we ain’t seen in
So everybody’s scheming
Greed, lust, envy, we American dreamin’
The game ain’t easy
Trying to be seen in a world we ain’t seen in
So everybody’s scheming
While I’m American dreamin’

Verse 2
And what are we chasing?
In this race where it seems were embracing
Selfishness, morality’s vacant
So we don’t got to earn, it’s all about taking
In the land where the snakes are rewarded,
Mistakes are aborted and fate is distorted
And the cake is contorted
Cause hard working people want great but can’t afford it
So, who’s in the dream?
And who’s an insomniac, with no cream?
And what is this cream, what does it mean?
Tell me how do you measure a man by his gleam?
And not his integrity, not his compassion
Not his soul, but what is he flashing
And what are we asking our kids to become
And what have we, what have we, what have we done?
When Paris Hilton’s exalted
Virtue assaulted and teaching is halted
And His vision is altered
Please, we need to dream we can all get peace


Verse 3
In the land of the greed
Where the cash counts more than the creed
And your skin counts more than your soul
And the rich are getting richer and the broke stay broke
And the trend in the nation
Is overlook substance in lieu of presentation
I’m thinking hope was slain
Till a man came through and said “America can change”
And I believe what he speaks
See my president’s a role model, take heed
As we can change the perception
Of a nation to change the complexion
Of our thoughts to elect a collection
Of individuals to bring us correction
I’m feeling hope let it gleam
And thank you Dr. King cause we living in your dream


Outro (Barack Obama)
If there is anyone out there who still doubts
That America is a place where all things are possible
Who still wonders if the dreams of our founders is alive in our times
Who still questions the power of our democracy
Tonight is your answer
Track Name: College Life
Hook (Luc Dallaire )
I’m trying to stay in tonight
Cause I got this paper to write
And every time it feels like I just can’t lose control
I know
That I’m trying to go out tonight
And I just got to find what I like
And every time you tell me that I’ve just lost my mind
You’re right
Cause I’m living the college life

And they told me this is college life
Where I’m suppose to get knowledge right
And they told me this is college life
Where I’m suppose to get knowledge right
So put ya hands up if you feel this, feel this
Put ya hands up, it’s the college life

Verse 1 (Apollo)
Good morning, but I never seen the morning
‘Less I pull an all-nighter and I’m up in class yawning
I got a test on the parts of the brain
But I don’t know my professor’s name
Cause my alarm clock rang and I just hit snooze
On somebody else floor, where are my shoes?
Empty bottles of booze, but don’t get it switched
Dogg I don’t drink, I just party for the chicks
But I need go to class stead of Pi Lamb
Cause my grades looking younger I am
Ha, and my mama gon kill me
So I go hard on my studying you feel me
But it’s all right cause I’ve done this before
And thank God for the night before
When, I got some Red Bull, coffee and a Nutty Buddy
Talking to this girl like you wanna be my study buddy


Verse 2 (Apollo + [Luc])
And I’m just trying not to miss the bus
Cause my career talking to me, listen up
But the club speak too
And my lab due, paper due and rent due too
What do what do I do, my sink full of dishes
Had a party last night and my neighbor’s malicious
Cause she trying to sleep, and we trying to kick it
And by the next week, [we got evicted]
I guess the dorms wasn’t that bad
Till you lose your flex pass and miss the next class
And we don’t have A.C.
And I just want an A or B but I could take a C
Cause I didn’t buy the book
Cause it cost too much and I’d rather write a hook
Than read that book plus I don’t got cable
Eating ramen out the pot wit my feet up on the table


Verse 3
See college is sort of like gymnastics
You got to keep balance or you gon get your ass kicked
Between the parties and the tests
And sorting through the mess on your dorm room desk
So interests just lie in constant limbo
Memorizing info or mesmerizing nymphos?
I’m trying to live morally world
But, I need more of these sorority girls, what do I do?


I want to give a special shout out to every college student in the world
Whether you’re in college, used to go to college, or want to go to college
Make something of yourself and get an education
It’s a one of a kind experience
Living this college life
Shout out to the bell curve, Prop-T, Luc D
Track Name: Tank Top Straps
Verse 1
A tank top and a mini skirt
She ain’t provocative, she’s a mini flirt
Ha, But I’ll be damned if I ain’t drawn
Call me ESPN, I put the game on
Forgive me if I get your name wrong
But it’s a whole lot of ya’ll that got my brain gone
And so I try not to look
But I’m a hungry fish and there’s a whole lot of hooks like damn

Hook x2
And I don’t know where I’m at
Cause my mind tangled up in these Tank Top straps
Like that
Baby, wont you come right back
But my mind tangled up in these tank top straps
Like that

Verse 2
The other day, I met this girl
And slick talked her till I met her world
And then I met her older sister
But her older sister look better than her young sister
And so I try to get the older sister
Yea, it’s wrong but I could not resist her
So the younger sister got real, real mad
And called the older sister names that’s real, real bad
So the older sister’s like I don’t like your sleek tone
And punched the younger sister right up in the check bone
I keep doing wrong, I need to do right
But then I’m thinking, they got a cousin right?

Hook x2

Verse 3
Another day and, and how you doing ma’am?
My name’s Apollo and (eh, I got a man)
Damn cause she got a man
And I respect that there, but she got a tan
And she got the right curves
And a beautiful face if I could say the right words
Forget that man she got a man
But we could play on one field, with a lot of land
Cause she say she like back rubs
And I could give her back rubs in the bath tub
But she say back up, no funny business
And I’m like “I promise, no funny business”
And so we just chilled
But I don’t think she knew just how she made me feel
So I got slick, and then it got sunny
And before we knew it, it got funny like damn

Hook x2

Verse 4
I’m at party on the roof, Las Vegas the bomb
Performing at the Palms, now she in my palm
Like, “I like your song, can I ride in your whip?
Around the strip and you wanna see me strip”
And so the tank top dips
And her skirt just sits like right below her hips
And she sitting in my lab, I’m rubbing on her hipbone
Forget soul food can I put my lip on?
But all of that is gone
Cause I’m trying to do right and all of that is wrong
But I’m at a party, and she’s sippin’ on a fifth
So I get slick like your friend wanna kiss
And she just giggled like maybe
But we found a lady and then it got crazy
In somebody hot tub, somebody beach house
Somebody dad is about to cuss me out
They making out at the outro
I just need somebody couch yo
Some tank tops and some gauchos
My sanity like I’m out yo

Hook x2

Yea I know I hear it, he’s back to his misogynist antics
And I need to get my mind untangled (but my mind tangled up in these tank top straps)
Cause its bigger and better things in the world
Then to be caught up in all these lustful things
I need to find a good girl, one girl
And we can eat a whole lot of soul food
Track Name: Soul Food
I’m marinated by the beat, I need to flow
My hands clasped and my knees to the floor
I’m trying to stomach everything I need a bowl
And I’ma keep eating till I feed my soul

And then we gon drift, and then we gon drift
Then we gon drift somewhere in the distance
And then we gon drift, and then we gon drift
Then we gon drift somewhere in the distance

Verse 1
Uh, I’m just driving down 40
Formulating thoughts man I’m halfway to 40
I can’t believe it, somebody pray for me
That the reaper never ever gon lure me
But I see through the forks in the road
Chicks that I’ve spooned, and backstabbing foes
Life’s a buffet, I need a plate load
And for all the salmonella, God’s the health code
And so I’ll feed my soul
No hater on this earth can defeat my soul
No, I just filet these foes
Dim lights and a beat I’m Bobby Flay of the flow
Everyday for the dough, no, I’ll never follow green
I got a green collar on, eating collard greens
Whole rivieras full of life and aloe vera
In my zone seeing double like Tia and Tamara, I’m gone


Verse 2
They say the right type of fruit can temp and hit the core of man
Bringing dark melon in like I’m sort of tan
And have me sitting nice like a Taurus van
Couple bright lights and a mic, I’m enormous
But these flings never did nothing for us
And I feel moss on my back like Sinorce
So I’m indulged Sunday like Portis
To bounce from the racket like Boris
Or maybe Bjorn Bork
Most rappers don’t touch me, I’m beyond bored
With their hot sauce hooks, lyrics wit no calories
Low fat diets, they just in it for the salary
But I’m hungry, they can’t stop me
Rap appetite yea ya boy Kobayashi
So I’ma take a plate of this hibachi
And I will make it, just watch me


Verse 3
You see we lust for the sweets, life could be sweet
If I could just have a yacht, couple chicks I could keep
A whole lot of cake, a house with a foyer
But the sugar looks good, but it aint good for ya
And so I’m trying to eat this Broccoli
But I’m stuck in the game like Hochuli
I need a referee, I need some bread for me
I try to eat but ain’t nothing left for me
Cause I’m eating in the wrong place
I got a whole bunch rubbish on my plate
So I’ma let my faith
Re-align my taste buds till I’m straight

And then we gon drift, and then we gon drift
And then we gon drift somewhere in the distance
And then we gon drift, and then we gon drift
And then we gon drift somewhere in the distance

Outro (Bobbi) x2
Can you feed my soul, can you feed my soul
If you ain’t in my life, I ain’t got no where to go
I’ma fly away, I’ma fly away
Track Name: Echo This
Ayo, I’m just sitting in my room
And every word I write down
Just echo off every wall in the room like

Echo this, man these kids gon echo this
Echo this, so I write for their benefit
Echo this, so in the sky like Pegasus
Riding down the street shooting lyrics like Legalus

Echo this, man them kids gon echo this
Echo this, man them kids gon echo this
Echo this, man them kids gon echo this
Ech, ech, ech, echo this

Verse 1
I fear them, off a smeared tongue
Venomous darts headed straight for the eardrum
If you’re young, I know it seems mere
But we might need to veer from from who we hear from
Or from what we speak
I got nothing but respect for a rapper from the streets
But, for the streets, paint stories of the streets
Don’t make young kids wanna die in the streets
See they ride to the beats, cling to every word
Then tell all of their friends all the things they heard
Like its cool to sell drugs
It’s cool to murder and it’s cool to be a thug
And even kids with opportunity is wishing they was
And they throw away life, and throw away love
He needs tutoring he says no thank ya
I’m dropping out of school cause I wanna be a gangsta


Verse 2
I fear them, off a smeared tongue
Venomous darts headed straight for the eardrum
If you’re young, I know it seems mere
But we might need to veer from from who we hear from
Cause they’re flooding the stations
With information manipulation
Take facts and twist them distort them
Present to the public in way that allures them
Till they believe these lies
Till they believe Obama has terrorist ties
Cause he served to improve education
With Professor Bill Ayers, he’s anti-nation?
Knowing he was never involved
With Ayers past, not then, not never at all
But he’s a commi, look at his name
His skin color, he’s an Arab, aint they all the same?
Categorizing everything to the east
Like ignorance ain’t a mark of the beast
But they feast off spreading the hatred
And then wonder why people still racist


Uh, See what I’m trying to say is
That when we’re in a position of influence
We have a responsibility
So we need to be careful with how we use that
Influence is a powerful thing
Track Name: The Stoplight
Verse 1
Can you feel me? I’m lost in the music
And times stopped but I’m thinking I’ll use it
To figure out or maybe just muse it
This night air got an air that could soothe it
I bet you I’d blow like uranium
If they took my track and ran it back like Ladanian
To dissect all the thoughts from my cranium
When I’m meditating in the Mediterranean
I wonder, what could life bring?
If they never killed King or the son of the king
Damn, I zone off in the vision
And touch subconscious and metacognition
I just listen to God through the mist
My faith is this, soul can’t get missed
I can’t spit, my skin ain’t onyx
So I turn to the pen and add two to a sonnet

Hook x2
Pondering life cause I got life
Thinking bout all these people that I’m not like
Spitting game to this chick cause she hot right
As life passes me by at the stop light

Verse 2
Can she feel me? I see the chick winking
To my left, so I drift from my thinking
Cause she’s fine and seductive but it’s not right
To make her the spotlight at the stoplight
Cause I got like a hundred other problems
And these chicks’ll get you sidetracked don’t involve ’em
So I evolve from my id and avoid it
And just wave to the chick cause I’m buoyant
I feel poignant, somebody give a hand to me
Why I got to live the harder way like Anfernee?
But it’s part of His plan for me (to make me stronger)
So thank You for my family
And being present in becoming times
And every fan that I come to find
Who never liked rap till they heard colorblind
So maybe ‘Enough’ will stop other Columbine, I’m

Hook x2

Verse 3
Can you feel me, or feel my message?
I need answers, I’m all out of questions
But it came through intricate adolescence
That I got to do calc to count blessings
Cause God’s got a funny way of making things
Work out to the fullest through vacant things
Or so they seemed till the lesson
Shine through now I’m looking luminescent
I guess we got to see the essence
Of the floor, to value life when it’s florescent
Life is a present
In the present, now I’m all out of breath and
Looking to my left and full of epinephrine
Trying to keep my life from ever being evanescent
Life is a mess if, divine don’t intervene
So I’ma just pray till my light turn green

Hook x2

Bridge x2 (Brian Allison)
At the stoplight
You know I’m not like
These guys that might
Got they eyes on you

Close your eyes and just vibe with me right now
I’m in my zone right now
Prop-T you’re a genius
Take my soul away man
Hope ya’ll enjoyed The Architect
And every aspect of His building
God live on through me