Big City Lights ft. D​-​LIV​(​E) & The Big Chill

from by Apollo Piero

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Hook x 4
These big city lights, they shine bright
Got me wondering, what I’m bout to get into tonight

Verse 1 - The Big Chill
All white, black trim like a pair of dice
It’s about 65 degrees Fahrenheit
We always drink more brown when it gets colder
What we doing man? You wouldn’t believe me if I told ya
We like the new American Pie, ni**as at band camp
By the end of the night I might be painting a tramp stamp
Yeah, I Know, I know, the whip is so hydro
Cougars smell kush, bitches nose is so rhino
I treat my capital like Cairo, respect
Gold tombstones built like Pyramids, next
To the Nile so I’m flowing like a river in this b****
Hometown hero, call me Phillip Rivers in this b****
I needed something I could really feel, thanks Q
When life gave me lemons, my whole family made due
I went downtown and showed the locals I could f***ing rhyme
The response was sweet so I turned it into country time

Hook x4

Verse 2 -D-LIV(E)
Live, coming through, man you know what we doing
I’m fresh to death, shorty shotgun, but no Cam Newton
I’m stupid leaning, still dreaming, see the skyline gleaming
Player haters on the sideline scheming, I’m such a genius
I mean, I’m too bright for these city lights, get it right
Looking for a lady that I really like, I really might
Be a freak and beast, when they’re rhyming its mundane
I’m on West Main, Glenwood, red line or the one train
Dang, you’re in a stupor, I’m unusual, a lady who’s
As cute as you should ditch those squares, baby cubicle
Beautiful, admire how your booty move,
I’m probably gonna nail her like cuticle, but I’ll humor you
We laugh out loud, baby hash out clouds
In the light of the moon, like your ass out, would you pass out now
Doubt you’ll find another rhymer like Live tho, let’s ride yo
Yo Apollo, I’m too drunk for the ride home, you drive

Hook x4

Verse 3 - Apollo
Ayo my man hit me up like, what you getting into?
Hit up ya friends, we just need the fundamentals
A lot of fly chicks and what you sippin’ on?
Good music like something that I’m spittin’ on
Get rid of all the drama, let’s rock it, from 10 till
Whenever we meant to, baby can you follow me
Into a world where we don’t feel like the economy
Depressed, I guess you tired of the monotony
I am too, even the best places feel the same
All the same followers, facades, lames
I don’t even know your name
My mind is full of knowledge but my pockets got 2 dollars
So I’m thinking we could skip the club, and play monopoly
‘Cept everytime that you land on my property
You got to give me your clothes, I’m playing
I’d rather have your thoughts, I’m just saying…

Hook x4


from Lyrical Elixirs, released August 1, 2015
Produced by Q Smith
Written by C. Moore, D. Livingston, A. Rooney
Performed by The Big Chill, D-LIV(E), Apollo
Recorded & Mixed by Skaz Digga in Durham, NC (8/11)



all rights reserved


Apollo Piero Durham, North Carolina

Apollo is a student of hip-hop driven by creating honest, introspective and socially conscious lyrics that explore the multiple dimensions of his life experiences.

A Tar-heel born and bred, Apollo is much more than a Hip Hop artist. He mentors inner city youth, teaches HS math, coaches Varsity Bball, and serves his church as a youth pastor. He has dreams to build a revolutionary school.
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