Success is Schizophrenic ft. D​-​LIV​(​E)

from by Apollo Piero

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Intro (D-LIV(E))
Somewhere in a straight jacket
Success is spazin’ in a padded room, mad
Doomed to a fate that meets us at our pinnacle
It’s criminal how we robbed her of her sanity
Stand in the mirror and declare ourselves

Hook (Apollo + [D-LIV(E)]) x2
And what they want Live? [They want the truth kid]
[And what they want Drew?], That good music
And I’ma give it to ’em, [I just hope they get it]
[I’ll show you both sides] Success is schizophrenic

Verse 1 (Apollo)
Check out my swagger man
No flashy things, but I’ma snag her hand
With my intelligence, watch her stagger
Tell me how is a pacifist the only one spittin’ daggers?
I guess success has many faces, Harvey Dent
Like a hippie finding peace in his gnarly tent
A starving artist scraping up to pay rent
Or a high dollar white collar chillin’ in his pent
I remember when they told me back in high school
You gotta choose, be smart or be cool
But I had Pac and Einstein as my trapper keeper decals
How you rock a crowd then wake up and teach Pre-Cal
I’m spittin’ rhymes in a suit and tie
My fitted backwards, through words I’m trying to unify
The audience, diversity I’m in awe of it
I guess I never listened to that dude, I chose all of it


Verse 2 (D-LIV(E))
Success, she has many faces plenty want to chase it
Make a name for yourself and erase it or replace it
Entertainers, basic rappers and imitators got plenty haters
I’m so raw I refrigerate ’em, eliminate ’em
Take ’em to a level that they’ve never been musically
It’s crazy how consciousness equals lunacy
Charm will get you jewelry; Don is all I knew to be
The truest me, try to live life like Laguna Beach
You see, its kind of hard to be successful
You try to get ahead but the world won’t let you
It’s stressful and yes boo I was on that college grind
Bottom line, I always equated success with a dollar sign
But now that I’m out here, I’ll infiltrate the system
Redefine what success means in addition, make a difference
Just math metaphor pimpin’, you should listen
My fifteen minutes are prolific, don’t miss it


Skit (Nurse and Doctor)
Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
Nurse: She doesn’t seem to know who she is
Doctor: Where has she been living?
Nurse: I mean Everywhere really, she’s nomadic
Doctor: Has she been with a lot of different people?
Nurse: Yeah
Doctor: And What about the personality test?
Nurse: She filled in every single bubble

Verse 3 (Apollo)
They told me you can’t be a rapper, you ain’t strapped at the abdomen
They must have holes in their head like a packer fan
Cause if they’re saying that I have to deal drugs,
I’m putting knowledge in baggy man, I push rocks, avalanche
And I’m as cool as the Rockies are
Listenin’ to Rock N Roll with Rocky Marciano on
I never touched coke, that’s for real
But I had lines of white girl out in Chapel Hill
We all partying, don’t get it twisted
But I get lifted off this life that I’m living
Round drugs all of my life, never took one hit
Alcoholic heritage, I never took one sip
But I was in Miami last weekend
Seeing pretty Puerto Ricans at a party on the beach and
Taco stand grubbin’, Club Liv poppin’
Tell them superficial chicks trying to get up in my wallet
You don’t need to flaunt for body for respect
Check, strip away what they expect and show me naked intellect
How did it become cool to treat women like possessions?
Where we flaunt them, then we f ’em,
Then mistreat ’em, then we left ’em, like nah


from Lyrical Elixirs, released August 1, 2015
Produced by Skrazey Beats
Written by A. Rooney, D. Livingston (2011)
Performed by Apollo, D-LIV(E)
Recorded & Mixed by Skaz Digga in Durham, NC (8/11)



all rights reserved


Apollo Piero Durham, North Carolina

Apollo is a student of hip-hop driven by creating honest, introspective and socially conscious lyrics that explore the multiple dimensions of his life experiences.

A Tar-heel born and bred, Apollo is much more than a Hip Hop artist. He mentors inner city youth, teaches HS math, coaches Varsity Bball, and serves his church as a youth pastor. He has dreams to build a revolutionary school.
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