from by Apollo Piero

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Out here grinding everyday
Got some things that I need to say
Success, man I want it all
Switch flows like I’m running from the law

Verse 1
Man I gotta take it easy
I promise I’ma pay them fees see
I’m just waiting on Pookie to squeeze me
But My PO, he don’t believe me
So I gotta keep it silent
Minding my business – till I heard sirens
Then I ran like I was on fire or a liar
And my feet are the lies and my tongue is the supplier
I wish I wasn’t high cause my memory is faded
I’m scuffing my Jays on the pavement, hey man
Can I duck in, I just need a spot to stay
Come on, Drop the window shades
And I think I got away….
Lets just chill
Throw a movie on, and keep it real
Yo brother, what’s poppin’?
And then, Boom, Boom, Knocking
Quick throw the weed out my pocket, rocket out the back window
With my brim low, don’t give up no info
I’ma change the plates on my pinto that I rent yo
And I’ma flow like the wind blow

Out here grinding everyday
Got some things that I need to say
Lot on my mind, got to let it go
I Switch flows (switch flows) like clothes

Verse 2
In any fashion I’m on my rapping
I spit a verse and the girls come asking
Can they shop at the crib?
Where the closet spin and the drawers need captions
So grab ‘em, take ‘em to the whip
Try ‘em on, take ‘em off, tell me which one fit
If nothing do, no trouble don’t seem stressed
You know I spit seem less I’m seamstress
So with the flow I’m fresh
In this fitting room booth where music get dressed
I just outfit my outlet
I spit that outlet mall that ain’t out yet
Flow vicious, my embroidery is ornery
Fed Ex with delivery, order me
Ha, and I don’t mean to be frank
But I got artillery like Hillary Banks, I got flows

Out here grinding everyday
Got some things that I need to say
Just go, I don’t need a reason
I Change flows like the seasons

Verse 3
Fallback, from all that
Costume wearing, you're fake, it's apparent
Giving thanks for colorful demons at my door
And that they fall and leave you like the leaves do
Cold, cold, the flow so cold
They want me to freeze, but they're never getting close
Close, make your heart beat slow
Chills down your spine, your veins need flow
So it's flow I'm bringing,
Lil white wine, sundress flingin'
Never moved weight, the birds just singing
Awesome, awesome this kid has really blossomed
Uh, But you know I spit fire still
Hotter than a Mayan in Brazil, with a iron drill
Digging down deep, perspire like I'm ill
I am dying to inspire real life, I am trying still
Ill, Check out the metaphors I build
I could rip apart a lion, I will kill orion
Got scorpion venom in my blood no denying skill
I got more lines than a fire drill


from Lyrical Elixirs, released August 1, 2015
Produced by Evelution
Written by A. Rooney (2011)
Performed by Apollo
Recorded & Mixed by Monk in Raleigh, NC (2/17/14)



all rights reserved


Apollo Piero Durham, North Carolina

Apollo is a student of hip-hop driven by creating honest, introspective and socially conscious lyrics that explore the multiple dimensions of his life experiences.

A Tar-heel born and bred, Apollo is much more than a Hip Hop artist. He mentors inner city youth, teaches HS math, coaches Varsity Bball, and serves his church as a youth pastor. He has dreams to build a revolutionary school.
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